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Visa & Extension

Student Visas

  • Foreign students (UG) who want to apply for course work exchange are expected to have completed at least 3-4 semesters at their home institution.
  • PG students are expected to have completed at least one semester at their home institution.
  • The students are requested to have a minimum of 85% attendance.
#Type of VisaPeriod for which grantedEntry Single (S) Multiple (M) Double(D)Documents required with applicationExtendable while in India
1Business Visa5 yearsMDocuments to prove bonafide purpose (Company letter etc.)YES
2Employment Visa1 year/ period of contractMProof of employment (appointment document), terms and conditionsYES
3Student Visa/Research VisaPeriod of course/ 5 yearsMProof of admission in Indian InstitutionYES
4InternDuration of the Internship or One year, whichever is lessS/D/MLetter from the Indian company/educational institution/NGO concerned sponsoring the foreign national for the internship programme clearly indicating the period of internship.Non-extendable


  • For certain visa types, it is possible to extend your visa while still residing in India. Extension of such visas can be done online through the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) portal.
  • Assistance for Visa extension shall be provided by the GE office upon request.
  • The visa extension fee shall be borne by the foreigner
  • Documents to be provided by the institute shall be given by the GE office
  • Visa extension request is to be made 60 days before the visa expiry.
  • The GE office is not responsible for any issues faced during visa extension if it is done directly by the foreigner without the knowledge of GE office.
  • If not informed, the GE office is not answerable to the FRRO in case of any overstay by the foreigner.